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When will I marry?
When will I start earning handsome income?
When will I have kids?
When will I go abroad?
Will I get my love?
What are my lucky numbers as per Vedic Numerology?

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Consultancy on the basis of your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth and NOT on your Sun sign.

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Love and astrologyLove: Will I get married to the one I love ? My parents have selected a match for me. Is that suitable for me? Such questions generally disturbs peace of mind. If you love someone, but have some problem in marriage, or still thinks whether you're truly made for each other, you MUST get our Love Report and find the answer yourself. Our Love Report use a point by point comparison of certain aspects of two natal charts and thus reveal areas of affinity and discord between two partners. For better harmony between the two, we also suggest proper Vedic remedial measures.  More astrology info... Marriage and astrologyMarriage: Astrology can help you know about your love, spouse, in-laws, other family members, your relations with them, near date of marriage, financial position of your spouse and remedial measures (if necessary). If you are over-age and still unmarried, Vedic astrological remedies can help you to find our your life-partner. More astrology info...
Children: For a successful married life, every couple wishes sweet and healthy baby. But sometimes, due to our past bad karmas, our destiny does not grant that happiness. Vedic Astrology can help you to burn those bad karmas through proper vedic remedies. There are many cases where medical science failed to give adequate positive results and vedic remedies helped them to beget child. I strongly recommend reading charts of husband as well of wife. More astrology info... Kundali Matching: You must go for marriage with the person with whom your horoscope matches perfectly. Horoscopes should be matched on the criteria of Longevity, Manglik Dosha, progeny and many other important points rather than just Guna matching seeing panchaang. More astrology info...
Profession: Many people could not choose right profession at right time and waste their precious time. Many can not stick to one profession or can not get professional satisfaction. Vedic Astrology can guide you in selecting the right profession as destined by your planets. More astrology info... Financial Report: Know all the ups and downs of your career and financial position and invest your money safely. MUST for every serious businessman. More astrology info...
Education: Medical or Engineering or MBA or ....; the doubts are endless. After going in a particular stream for number of years and spending lacs of rupees, the native may realize that this is not his path to destiny. You MUST take right kind of education at right age to take up to excel in life. You can get it done for your children too, before it is too late. Get your chart analyzed for education and make your future today. More astrology info... Foreign Travel: Planning for education in foreign country or starting business there or getting spouse from foreign country. Get it checked first before taking any important decision. More astrology info...

Health: Astrology can also help you to recover from diseases like Cancer, T.B., Jaundice, Blood related diseases, Miscarriage, Menstrual disorders, Impotency, Heart diseases,  Fractures, Diabetes and no. of other diseases. Vedic Remedies in the form of proper worshipping (pooja), Gems, Yantras and other ways give you immense strength to fight with diseases and acquire healthy body and mind. More astrology info...

Spirituality: The ultimate truth is "AUM". All religions teaches us the path to final truth. One must find the way to Moksha (final emanicipation). Know your Ista-Devata to get into this path.  More astrology info...
Property: Planning to buy new property or worried after purchasing land which is not compatible to your stars? You need proper astrological consultancy to remove their evil effects. Get proper direction before making huge investment. More astrology info... Vehicles & Vedic Numerology: Your vehicle may be biggest hindrance in your prosperity. Get its number and color checked as per your horoscope and make your own path to success. More astrology info... 

All work started at auspicious time will definitely gives fruitful results. That's the basic rule of Muhurata. One will succeed in his work if started at proper vedic muhurata. It can be used to judge the time to start education, job, business, marriage, traveling, moving into new home, making investments, changing job and many other important events of life. More astrology info...

Sadhe-Sati: The 7 year of transit of Saturn from 12th, 1st and 2nd house from natal Moon sign gives the period of Sadhe-Sati. One may get lot of anxiety, health problems, bad reputation and many other unwanted problems. More astrology info...

Vedic Is your personal name or company name lucky for you? Get it checked with the help of Vedic Numerology. More astrology info...

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